Outsource & Digitise Your Mailroom

Has working from home created a problem with receiving and answering your business mail? Do you need a fast solution to this?

Within a week you can re-direct your post to First Move. We will receive your post, sort it and scan it using our state of the art Kodak scanning equipment. Once digital we will name and organise your files for straightforward secure online access.

Reduce staffing costs, retrieve information quickly and efficiently and take another step towards being paperless. If you’d like to know more get in touch at enquiries@firstmove.co.uk to discuss how we can help.

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Find New Audiences And Save Money – Partially Addressed Mail

  • Find ‘customer rich’ areas using existing customer postcode data
  • Find new postcodes which are similar to those where your current customers live using geo-demographic profiling
  • Target a specific area, distance or drive time from your business

And it is the cheapest way to mail by 20%

Partially Addressed is advertising mail which qualifies for reduced postage prices.  Postcodes are used instead of personal data providing a completely GDPR compliant way of finding new potential customers.  Mail is addressed to the ‘home owner’ but brands have increasingly looked to increase engagement rates by addressing to titles such as ‘Pizza Lover’ or ‘Luxury Holiday Lover’. You can title your mailing to whatever you choose and fits with your brand.

Prospective customers are targeted at postcode level and we can generate addresses in a couple of different ways to maximise your success – by area (target roads in areas you know your service is already being used), geo-demographics or based upon your existing customer clusters.

When you consider that research shows  partially addressed mail stays live in the home on average for 7 days and that 26% of it drives commercial action it makes an attractive acquisitive marketing method.

Partially addressed mail must contain a minimum of 10,000 items, all advertising pieces and they must be letter or large letter sizes.

To explore the opportunities call me today on 01494 539300 or email me at andrew.amor@firstmove.co.uk and find out how a partially addressed mail campaign can help your business grow.

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How Can Bulk Mail Help Your Business?

Bulk Mail is essentially large volume advertising mail which can be mailed out at reduced postage rates. Mail can take many forms including letters, postcards, leaflets and more. Here at First Move we take the time to understand your mail campaign – do you want to advertise a new product to your existing customers? Make a promotional offer to win new customers? Mail is a great and cost effective marketing channel for achieving great results.

Bulk Mail vs Email

Over the last few months especially brands have become used to sending out bulk email and some would argue that the digital space has become overcrowded and some brands messaging has been lost in the noise. Emails do little to enhance brand and are often redirected into spam folders meaning they are never seen. Compare this to mail and the research shows it has more of an impact. We know households take the time to sort the mail out and that direct mail often spends days at a time in the home being seen by multiple members of the same household and on average is revisited 4.2 times. When you also consider 45% of Direct Mail is still live in the home after 28 days it becomes an even more attractive marketing channel.

Mail vs Email

Bulk Mail Is Cost Effective 

If you don’t want to use personal data in your  mail campaign we can mail out for 4p less an item by using partially addressed mail. But large volume mail doesn’t have to be generic and can be personalised to the recipient or the product you’ve chosen to advertise. Mail – like many other things – is cheaper per unit when ordered in bulk and can result in significant savings when scaled up. Every project is bespoke so give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.

Personalise your bulk mail campaign

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Exact Bulk Mail Campaign 

Here at First Move we have the experience and state of the art printing technology to make you campaign a success. Grow your business and win new customers with a bulk mail campaign contact us today to discuss how we can help you on 01494 539300 or email us as Enquiries@Firstmove.co.uk

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Royal Mail have just announced their new Open For Business Incentive

Starting on the 6th of May the Royal Mail is supporting British Businesses with an an incentive to help reach out to customers as we all start to look towards our new normal. This is an exciting new incentive designed to help brands re-connect with their customers after the Covid-19 pandemic and Royal Mail will award postage credits at the end of the incentive period.

Important Dates

The application deadline is the 11th of December 2020 for mailing dates between the 20th of May and 31st of December 2020.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any retailer that has been forced to close its doors and wants to use mail to encourage consumers to shop online with them or promote home delivery
  • Any charity that is fundraising
  • Any brand using mail to replace channels that currently can’t reach their core audience, such as out-of-home and cinema
  • Any publisher using mail to promote subscriptions
  • Any travel or tourism business wishing to promote future sales
  • Any brand in the ‘away from home’ entertainment sector to promote activity when it is rescheduled, such as cinema, theatre or festival events
  • Any brand that is writing to vulnerable customers to support their physical or mental well-being
  • Any brand sending a message to reassure or thank customers in light of the impact of the pandemic

What are the Qualification Criteria?

  • Mailing items must be sent as Advertising Mail, Partially Addressed Mail or
  • Sustainable/Responsible Mail
  • They must be sent using MailMark or an Access 1400 service/manual letter service if Unwrapped or Polywrapped
  • Items must be posted in trays
  • Volumes must be 20,000 or above and no more than 1 million
  • Postage credits will be awarded at the end of the incentive period

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Applications are open now, so if you would like to find out more about this incentive please get in touch with First Move today.

As Royal Mail premier partners, you can ensure that your mail campaigns are in good hands.

Call: 01494 539300

Email: enquiries@firstmove.co.uk

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Keeping in touch is always important and even more so now…

Research from March this year highlights that 64% of the UK agree that how a brand responds to the Corona Virus crisis now will have a huge impact on their likelihood to buy from them in the future. So this really is an important time to decide what you want to say and how you want to say it. There’s no better way of communicating that message than with mail.

In a survey last month 75% of people said companies and brands should inform them of what they’re doing.

  • Mail is trusted & reaches everyone. Your consumers and prospects expect a supportive tone at the moment – let them know what has changed, what the benefits are and how to access your services. Put critical information directly into everyone’s hands including those that aren’t on digital channels – your opening hours and support available for example.
  • Mail is remembered. 65% of recipients are likely to give it their full attention (vs 35% for email). When you combine this with research that shows 70% of mail recipients have been driven to online activity in the last 12 months this points to a powerful message being delivered.
  •  The Importance of Mail. The Government recently wrote a letter to all UK households about the corona virus and the support available – this despite all of the other media channels that were being used. A serious message carries more weight in print, whilst an email is great for a quick update mail should be used for more complex and memorable messaging.

This is such an important time to connect with your audience in the right way. Call us on 01494 885490 or 07450 639078 and we will help you move this forward.

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The latest update on First Move and COVID-19

Like all companies, we are closely monitoring the impact that Covid-19 is having.

We are working closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that we respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to minimise its impact on our customers and colleagues.

Working within government guidance, we have ensured that we are able to maintain effective operations, whilst many of our colleagues work remotely.

We understand that you may have questions about how your business is going to operate whilst this pandemic is ongoing.  We are open for business and taking every precaution to ensure that we can deliver safely for our customers.

We have put in place a number of measures to ensure the welfare of our employees which include.

  • The ability to work from home if their role allows them to do so
  • Daily communication to all staff on any changes
  • Regular calls to staff working from home to check on their well-being
  • Social distancing and thorough hygiene procedures where necessary for employees required to be present on site
  • A new shift pattern for our production teams to maximise safety whilst maintaining our operations

Our commitment to you is that we will work with you to ensure that we do everything we can to help you to operate during these current extreme circumstances.

As new information becomes available, we will react accordingly and we will keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at what is a challenging time for us all.

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If you have any questions, please contact us on 01494 539300 or email enquiries@firstmove.co.uk.

Direct Mail Marketing During The Coronavirus Recession

These certainly are unprecedented times we’re living in. Businesses all over the country are experiencing uncertainty and reviewing their marketing wondering how best to reach out to their customers or even if they should at all.

If you cut your marketing efforts now you could do your business damage that lasts well beyond the pandemic. This is the time to reach out to your existing customers – they know your brand, they’ve bought from you before and they’re the most likely to buy from you again, now or in the future. But how do you deliver your message? They need to know you’re still open for business!

One thing we can be sure of is that more and more people – in the short term at least – are going to be at home waiting for the mail to arrive. Where direct mail sets itself apart is its ability to create a connection with the recipient and to put your message directly in a customer’s hands. We know that mail makes your customer feel valued and that it enhances the perception of your brand.

When you combine this with research that shows direct advertising mail spends on average 17 days in the home (be honest, we all have that coffee table where we leave the mail). This presents a real opportunity to refresh the connection you have with your customers and their households.

We’re very much open for business as usual, so why not give us a call on 01494 885490 or fill in our online contact form to discuss how we can support your marketing efforts in the coming weeks.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Direct Mail

5 Reasons to use Direct Mail

Direct mail is a proven, cost effective marketing method, as a standalone or as part of a larger marketing mix. Here at First Move, our client services team give you their top 5 reasons as to why you should be investing in direct mail:

  1. You remember your mail – 65% of recipients pay full attention to their mail. Personalise your mailing to drive this figure even higher – address your customers by name, appeal to them on a personal level and show them that you care! 70% of people say that mail rather than email makes them feel valued and research shows people trust their mail.
  2. Return on Investment – Direct mail costs a fraction of other marketing methods like television, and can deliver great sales and growth for your company. Here at First Move we can offer competitive postal prices from as little as 20p per item, to help you reach out and connect to your potential customers at little cost.
  3. Test your direct mail and measure it! – Everything can and should be tested so that sales growth can be built on the predictability of the results – at First Move we take testing your direct mail campaigns seriously, to ensure you achieve the best ROI. Find out more about A/B testing.
  4. Integrate direct mail and digital marketing – If you’re running off the page adverts then run the direct mail a week after the ads, run the digital campaign after that – – memory recall is far stronger for ‘off the page’ adverts when you follow up with direct mail rather than just digital alone! Direct mail can complement your other marketing activities and research shows that when you reach customers on numerous channels you’re far more likely to have customers engage with you.
  5. Programmatic mail – A customer abandons their shopping cart, a few days later they receive a personalised letter containing an offer which just happens to focus on the item they had been looking at – once setup this can be as easy as sending an email. You can recover another 14% of lost sales after exhausting email chasing from a piece of well-timed direct mail! Discover Programmatic Mail.


If you’d like to know more about direct mail and the benefits, then do get in touch with us directly on 01494 885490 or fill in our online contact form.

Mailing List Generation – A Cost Effective Way of Finding More Prospects

Direct Mail Location Targeting

At First Move we can help grow your business and find you new customers by creating GDPR compliant tailored address lists for the areas you specify – It can be as quick and easy as drawing on a map! By using specialist software we are able to help you create mailing lists based on whatever area you specify.

Perhaps you are a local business who wants to advertise a new offer to local residents within a delivery distance? We can help with this by identifying all residential properties for your mailing within this distance.

You could be a property developer who needs to mail to all residential and commercial properties in a specific area across multiple postcodes and ward boundaries? We can help by outlining a custom target area on a map and identify all of the addresses inside it.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from this type of direct mailing. If you would like to discuss your specific project please call Andrew on 01494 885490 or fill in our online contact form to find out more about mailing list generation.

Royal Mail have just announced their new January to March 2020 Incentive

Advertising Mail Incentive

During this incentive period you can send incremental Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail, for as little as 12 pence per item.

This is an exciting new incentive to assist brands with their direct marketing activities during the post-Christmas period through to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and approaching into the Easter break.

It will also be a great opportunity for brands to directly re-engage with customers and prospects after the General Election.


Important Dates

The posting window for the January to March incentive is 2 January 2020 until 28 March 2020.

Please note that you must submit your application before 13 March 2020 to be considered for participation in the incentive.


Get in Touch

Applications are open now, so if you would like to find out more about this incentive please get in touch with First Move today.

As Royal Mail premier partners, you can ensure that your mail campaigns are in good hands.

Call: 01494 539300

Email: enquiries@firstmove.co.uk 


Royal Mail Partners