We use IdeaGen Root intelligent document scanning software and Kodak scanners to capture either individual items of data automatically, or simply the whole document.

Data capture is faster and there are benefits—from improved accuracy to automated input, final file creation and database building.

Document scanning doesn’t just have to generate whole pages—individual items of data can be identified and automated calculations undertaken as part of the data capture process. Documents can be indexed and sorted for storage or forwarded electronically to you for further processing.

Single or double-sided, any size up to A3: Our scanners can handle your documents. We can:

    • Scan whole pages
    • Identify words and numbers automatically
    • Capture barcodes automatically
    • Responses to answers in tick boxes automatically
    • Offer recognition of hand-printed text
    • Images can be enhanced to enable accurate reading and keying
    • Images created are then matched to a form for capture by an operator where the original image quality is poor
    • Look-up tables plus programming are used to check results during keying to enhance accuracy
    • Postal Address File validation of addresses is built in to provide accurate address details

Document design is really important in this area to gain the maximum benefit – please discuss with us in the design stage of the document in order that we can maximise your solution.

Contact us on 01494 539300 or fill in our online contact form to discuss our document scanning services.