Unnamed Direct Mail

Direct mail postcode targeting at a reduced cost to drive sales


Partially Addressed Advertising Mail reduces the cost of postage by about 20% and enables acquisition without the use of personal data by targeting households using geo-demographics at postcode level (about 15 households).Partially addressed mail is roughly 165 times more targeted than door drops.

Using direct mail data profiling you can gain insights and target new prospects.

The data is based upon the official Royal Mail data for the entire UK, covering 30m premises of which about 1.9m are commercial. Map references are from the official Ordnance Survey data.


How can First Move help with direct mail postcode targeting?

First Move can produce a list of addresses for any given street, town, village, county or postcode area. Residential and commercial properties can be identified separately.

Unnamed Direct Mail

We use Google Maps to draw a closed area on a map and identify the properties based upon either distance or drive time.

Once the data set is extracted, we can filter on geo-demographic criteria – Affluent, City, Modest, Secluded, Multi-ethnic and Deprived with further selections possible.

We can top up existing post codes where there are existing customers and using data profiling find look-a-like prospects… and finally of course undertake all the print and fulfilment required to deliver your direct mail campaign and interpret the results.

First Move direct marketing are Strategic Royal Mail Partners and Xerox Premier Partners. Our direct mail services are backed by our total commitment to providing a great service and delivering results.


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