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35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

How Can Bulk Mail Help Your Business?

Bulk Mail is essentially large volume advertising mail which can be mailed out at reduced postage rates. Mail can take many forms including letters, postcards, leaflets and more. Here at First Move we take the time to understand your mail campaign – do you want to advertise a new product to your existing customers? Make a promotional offer to win new customers? Mail is a great and cost effective marketing channel for achieving great results.

Bulk Mail vs Email

Over the last few months especially brands have become used to sending out bulk email and some would argue that the digital space has become overcrowded and some brands messaging has been lost in the noise. Emails do little to enhance brand and are often redirected into spam folders meaning they are never seen. Compare this to mail and the research shows it has more of an impact. We know households take the time to sort the mail out and that direct mail often spends days at a time in the home being seen by multiple members of the same household and on average is revisited 4.2 times. When you also consider 45% of Direct Mail is still live in the home after 28 days it becomes an even more attractive marketing channel.

Mail vs Email

Bulk Mail Is Cost Effective 

If you don’t want to use personal data in your  mail campaign we can mail out for 4p less an item by using partially addressed mail. But large volume mail doesn’t have to be generic and can be personalised to the recipient or the product you’ve chosen to advertise. Mail – like many other things – is cheaper per unit when ordered in bulk and can result in significant savings when scaled up. Every project is bespoke so give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.

Personalise your bulk mail campaign

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