Bulk Mail saves on postage

Customise your postage the intelligent way when sending Bulk Mailings

We will show you how to use the most cost effective method of postage. As low as 19p per item for Advertising and even lower for Partially Addressed mail. And you’ll never have to lick a stamp.

First Move has the digital printing power to print tens of thousands of letters a day. And we know how to help you build a profitable and predictable mailing process- we wrote a book on how to do it ‘Direct Mail 101’ – give us a call and we will send you a copy.

Whatever you need to mail – letters, catalogues, postcards, glued self-mailers, enveloped or polythene wrapped 100 or 100,000 we have the answer and the power to deliver.

First Move is a Royal Mail Premier Partner preferred supplier for direct mail services. Our relationship with the Royal Mail is long established and our professional stance and sheer scale of mail usage gets us more competitive postal rates than most organisations could obtain on their own. We receive preferential treatment and greater service levels, and this gives us insider knowledge about when best to send your mail, how to sort it and how to get the most out of your spend.

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Save Money on Postage

First Move knows employing strategy in your bulk mailing can save you over 40% versus the price of a stamp. This can equate to savings of millions of pounds, depending upon how many mail shots you are sending, the format and size, and when you want them delivered. And we’re here to customise your mailing to ensure that it is sent at absolutely the lowest price possible. Whether it’s Royal Mail, Secured Mail, UK Mail, Citipost, Whistl or others—all competing for a share of your postal business—we stay up to date with the latest developments and keep your spend as lean as possible.

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There are other tricks of the trade we can employ, such as knowing the limits of postal weights and how to maximise them. Why waste your weight allowance on half-empty envelopes or shrink wrap, when you can fill them to capacity? There are opportunities to show your target audience other products or offers, or partner with a complementary service to share the costs of the mailer. Now that’s an intelligent way to save money on your marketing costs and increase your sales revenue.

Automated Mail

There was a time when sending mail was a manual process, but now with sophisticated automation those days are long behind us. Mail and postage are the most customisable they’ve ever been. We can help keep your campaign within budget and make sure you’re getting the best deal with postal providers. So next time you’re looking for printing and postage services, talk to First Move.

Royal Mail Partnership

Now accredited by Britain’s number-one mailing service, we are a Strategic Mailing Partner with Royal Mail. That means we’re featured on the Royal Mail website as a recommended company and that our expertise and reputation are recognised by an organisation with a 600-year history. This partnership means access to more competitive postal rates, expert knowledge on mail distribution and preferential treatment.

Let First Move show you the way to get the most from Royal Mail with direct mail postcards, catalogues and other mailers. Please call us to discuss your next project.

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