35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

Hybrid Mail
from desktop to desk

Set-up, write and send real mail directly to customers
via our hybrid mail interface

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid mail is when you personalise and send a document directly from your computer to a service that prints, encloses and posts the document for you.

You can send your letters, invoices, mail shots, recall letters, newsletters, postcards and greetings cards all directly from your device.

The documents can be printed in colour or simply black. From one page or 20 pages, 1st or 2nd class – you decide. You simply tell us how you would like it printed and we will take care of everything else.

You can personalise and design documents and envelopes, then follow up with a text message all from your desk.

ISO 27001 security approved our system is created and maintained by our expert team of developers at no cost to you. We have SFTP transfers, so you can pick the software that suits you.

What are the benefits?

  • Imagine sending out a mailing you need the paper, the printer, the toner cartridge, the envelopes, the stamps and if you are working from home a walk to the post box. You’ve had to go out and buy all of these things, then enclose all of those letters and drive to the post office and in time for the last collection.
  • All of those costs and time are saved. You simply create your mailing and press ‘go’. We provide everything that is needed to get the item in the mail – on the same day.
  • You only pay for the documents we send for you. There is no contract so you can use it just when you need it.

Let us do the hard work for you, leaving you with the peace of mind that your documents have been managed in a secure facility, printed to the highest quality and sent in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Bring efficiencies to your processes, allow you to focus on what’s important to you – running the business.

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