The Case 4 Direct Mail


Case 4 Direct Mail

We present you with our opening statement with evidence to support our client, ‘Direct Mail in the 21st century.’


It is our privilege to showcase direct mail in this case before you today.


You have heard the digital world explain what it hopes will be proven, but the digital world did not furnish you with all the facts.


The digital world has explained that our client was “identified” as an outmoded form of communication, but in fact this supposed allegation is from an entity that has held a grudge against our client for a long time, since 1989 to be accurate, and has made many inconsistent statements about this case.


The digital world has explained that our client was found to have an inability to sell products in a digital age, but none of those accusations actually stood up to any factual analysis and our client did have its own compelling responses to make.


In fact the response rates were substantially stronger with a longer sales tail than previously assuaged, as well as a shorter sales cycle. These direct responses could so easily have been in the possession of your business.


We put it to you, that Direct Mail has evolved and is thriving in the new environment of ‘just-in-time’ marketing, utilising augmented reality and big data, aiding marketeers to deliver highly personalised messages with tangible results from physical items.


We would ask you to keep an open mind and review ALL the evidence, and return a verdict of “tell me more about Direct Mail“.  Thank you.




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