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Outsource your business mail, print and dispatch of sales, accounting and administration processes? All undertaken under agreed SLA’s and ISO 27001 data security?

First Move will automate the process of your sales and transactional mailings. By taking the responsibility of data management and distribution, we print personalised letters, invoices, plus just about any printed matter you can imagine. Contacting your customers need not be a struggle. You can supply PDFs or simply the data and we will produce the letters. We will help you make this a ‘profit centre’ rather than a ‘cost centre’

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Business & Transactional Mailings

First Move has software and programming skills to ensure the security and 100% accurate processing of your business mailing information, plus the digital printing and enclosing power to ensure on-time mailing dispatch.

Our mailing projects can range from generating multi-page colour personalised renewals with conditional statements across multiple brands, through to pension and housing information, and the daily print and mailing of invoices.

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Your data will be transferred using an Secure FTP process and throughout its processing we will adhere to strict data policies as approved by UKAS ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation. undertaken automatically within agreed SLAs.

You can expect that we will mail sort PDF files and enclose variable page documents to ensure the efficient use of the postal system.

First Move are experts in business mail with rigorous processes and systems ensuring certainty of all your legal obligations. Our clients include, housing associations, pensions administrators, multi-national company accounting processes, local authorities and NGOs.

To discover how to get great results on your business and transactional mailings, please call us on 01494 539300 or fill in our online contact form below.

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