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First Move has extensive direct mail experience right the way from the start through testing and learning to success. By delivering the creative, planning and post production phases we will help you ensure that you generate successful and predictable results.

Concept to Delivery

Your direct mail services will be GDPR compliant and include, data cleansing and sortation, volume digital print, direct mail fulfillment services – letters, leaflets, catalogues, postcards, enclosing, postage discounts PLUS expert pro-active client service. PLUS we will save you money on postage by using sortation and analysis.

Direct Mail has a more powerful effect on long-term memory than other media 32% higher than e-mail and 72% higher than TV. Campaigns with direct mail drove market share growth with 3 times the efficiency of campaigns without mail.

Direct Mail Services

We will help you build the perfect direct mail campaign that addresses the needs of your customer base, prospects or donors, and can help drive conversions.

Here are just some of amazing things you can do to transform your business.

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Mail isn’t just rational – people experience higher emotional engagement with direct mail than e-mail or TV.

With response rates 30 times that of e-mail, you can rapidly expand your marketing.

About us

  • 1st in the UK to use the Xerox Trivor™ 2400 Inkjet Press, which produces variable imaging and text printing at super speeds
  • We won Silver at the DMA Awards and in the process helped create one of the fastest growing companies in the UK
  • In 2019 2 Direct Commerce Awards for best creative, content and print production
  • Premier Partners with Royal Mail and Xerox
  • over 30 years experience

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