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35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

Direct Mail 101
The definitive guide

Direct Mail 101 is the de-facto book, that leads you through a 101 simple proven steps that will explode your profits, both online and offline.
Direct Mail 101
The definitive guide

Direct Mail 101 is the de-facto book, that leads you through a 101 simple proven steps that will explode your profits, both online and offline.

This book reveals all the secrets of successful direct mail marketing you’ll ever need. 

Why direct mail in the 21st century? Because it’s as important today as it has ever been at driving sales and new revenue streams into your business.

Obtaining the knowledge contained within the DM101 book will open up an entirely new way of looking at your marketing strategy.

Revealed – How to:

  • Identify new customers
  • Plan your campaign
  • Create your offer
  • Grab attention
  • Win over customers
  • Close the deal

…and most importantly plan your way to success and explode your sales potential in a way you just cannot do with any other medium.

There are literally millions of names of people available who need to know about you and your product/service and I show you how to find them and through testing produce huge predictable success.

“If you are like most people struggling to build your business, here is a way to double or treble your internet sales whilst tapping into a completely new revenue stream.

21st Century Direct Mail is the key to unlocking huge opportunities from new relationships, building business and increasing your profits.

This book shows you how to cut through the clutter, reaching people with laser like precision, with targeted personalised relevant information that hooks their attention and turns a prospect into a buyer. Direct Mail 101 shows you how to generate a predictable stream of enquiries and revenue. It is an essential read”

Chris Cardell – Direct Marketing Guru & Entrepreneur

If you’re in business to make money, This book will change your life, literally. If you thought you knew Direct Mail, think again!

Direct Mail 101 is the de-facto book, that leads you through a 101 simple proven steps that will explode your profits, both online and offline.

Learn how to:

  • Build a truly responsive list of customers.
  • Write Attention grabbing headlines that wins over your audience.
  • Close the deal every time with 7 of the most powerful techniques.
  • Create a package of offers so compelling almost nobody can resist
  • Direct Mail 101 will take you on a journey of discovery with 101 simple proven steps to explode your profits.

By the end of this book, you’ll see that Direct Mail is alive and kicking – both as a source of instant profits and long-term business growth. By following the steps we’ve outlined, even your first campaign should deliver a good number of leads or sales. Then eventually, once you’ve established your “control” version, DM will become a predictable – and highly profitable – marketing system.

That’s not to say, of course, that you should be monogamous! In marketing, there’s no silver bullet, no single marketing channel to replace all others. Success comes from testing multiple ways to communicate and sell your wares. In fact, research has shown that when a DM campaign combines with at least one other channel, results will improve by an average of 24%.

You’ll find top tips and a wealth of experience to fall back on throughout this extensive work, and examples of some of the world’s most successful direct mail campaigns to get you started.

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David Amor
David is an award-winning direct marketer and whilst working with Grey technologies (Gtech) he secured a first ever DMA award for a mailing house. He has worked in the direct mail and print industries for close to five decades. Over the last 35 years, David has built his company First Move, to be a premier supplier of direct mail services, as well as a leader in associated outsourced fulfilment.

James Daniel
James is a UK Copywriter, and author of the writer’s guide “Do You Talk Like That At Home?” He spent 8 years as a journalist, then 9 years in corporate sales and marketing – all while juggling a fistful of writing projects for TV and radio. James won the Canmol Technology Marketing Award from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Wales, recognising a control-beating direct mail campaign created for Hidden Hearing.