35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

E-Commerce solutions web systems integration

Integrate with your systems and build your database. Re-market with using direct mail, process your orders, update carrier information and despatch dates, easily…

Put yourself back in the driving seat of your E-Commerce business…

Integrate seamlessly with your own systems to give you back control of your digital platforms and established systems

Although First Move is here to do the work for you, it’s your business and by using our web and system-integration services it’s you who is in control.

First Move provides back-end services by downloading your orders, and updating the work undertaken (despatch dates and carrier information) so that your system is in control of every element of your work.

We can revamp your business from the ground up by undertaking all the activities required to process your orders, from information processing through to payment, despatch and building your own database system. Alternatively, we can integrate seamlessly into your established systems to ensure your transactional processing is carried out seamlessly—the choice is yours.


Order Processing


SKU Control

Call Handling

Pick, Pack & Despatch

Re-market with relevant information for your customer with First Move direct mail web enabled services

Research has proven that coordinating e-mail and direct mail results in a 24% higher return on investment than using the 2 methods on their own.

We’re living digital lives in a physical world; support your next direct mail campaign with a digital one. It’s easy to cover all your bases and ensure that you receive a greater response rate by following up with a friendly email reminder that connects what a customer or prospect receives in the post with their inbox.

At the point of data capture, customers will provide both their physical and electronic addresses, so why not capitalise on it? By reminding them of the mailer they received in the post, they can find it again in order to redeem the offer or service you have first proposed.

First Move can coordinate this dual approach to help net you more sales, subscriptions or donations, including the distribution, management and response. All in all, it’s an extra step that makes perfect business sense.

Processing your orders with our logistics and warehousing services, made to be easy

At First Move, we are your first and only stop for all your warehousing and logistics needs. Your stock will be stored, your calls answered, and your orders taken and despatched: all within 24 hours.

Full System: When we receive on-pack offers, we verify the application, enter details into the client database, produce a personalised letter, pick list and dispatch label, update stock system, pack-and-despatch and enter dispatch information against the customer record in case of a delivery query.

Part System: We download orders twice a day from your web site, print dispatch notes/invoices, pick the products and despatch. Orders taken before 2pm are in the mail on the same day.

Consider how having First Move handle your warehousing and logistics will transform the way your business operates and how you can focus on increasing your profits.

Make the First Move. Start transforming your business today…