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Print allows you to produce exciting and creative direct mail.  Direct mail design is much more than an envelope and an enclosed leaflet. It’s an opportunity to engage with your customer and elicit a response. When the message is clear and personal, and is combined with an attractive offer, your customers will be spurred to engage with your business and your brand. We listen to you to understand your message and then formulate it in a way that speaks directly and personally, inspiring new relationships between you and your customer for all of your campaigns.

Direct Mail Design

Our resources and technical expertise are complemented and enhanced by a strong design sensibility, innovative ideas and fresh thinking.

First Move has examples of successful campaigns to give you direct mail design inspiration.

Get into customers heads and hearts with some intuitive design. Our design team knows the small things that work in direct mail that might seem insignificant, but can increase your direct mail response rates dramatically. From where the eye first looks on a mailer, how a customer holds a mail article when they receive it, where Royal Mail requires addresses and postage information, and custom QR and barcodes that make mail sorting a cinch.

Our creative team will work for you to get your campaigns from your head into a marketing strategy and from there into your customers’ hands. First Move should be your first choice for intelligent and inspiring direct mail design. Talk to us about how we can get creative with your next mail campaign.

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