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Find New Audiences And Save Money – Partially Addressed Mail

Find ‘customer rich’ areas using existing customer postcode data Find new postcodes which are similar to those where your current customers live using geo-demographic profiling Target a specific area, distance or drive time from your business And it is the cheapest way to mail by 20% Partially Addressed is advertising mail which qualifies for reduced postage […]

How Can Bulk Mail Help Your Business?

Bulk Mail is essentially large volume advertising mail which can be mailed out at reduced postage rates. Mail can take many forms including letters, postcards, leaflets and more. Here at First Move we take the time to understand your mail campaign – do you want to advertise a new product to your existing customers? Make […]

The latest update on First Move and COVID-19

Like all companies, we are closely monitoring the impact that Covid-19 is having. We are working closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that we respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to minimise its impact on our customers and colleagues. Working within government guidance, we have ensured that we are able to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Direct Mail

Direct mail is a proven, cost effective marketing method, as a standalone or as part of a larger marketing mix. Here at First Move, our client services team give you their top 5 reasons as to why you should be investing in direct mail: You remember your mail – 65% of recipients pay full attention […]

Royal Mail have just announced their new January to March 2020 Incentive

During this incentive period you can send incremental Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail, for as little as 12 pence per item. This is an exciting new incentive to assist brands with their direct marketing activities during the post-Christmas period through to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and approaching into the Easter break. It will […]