First Move Direct Marketing

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

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What to Personalise


A personalised message with tailored content can transform the way you communicate with your customers and prospects, and the options for personalisation are limitless. Here are a few powerful ways First Move can help you personalise your mail using great software and Xerox iGen4 and Nuvera digital printers:

  • Address each recipient by their name to show your customer that you’re thinking about them personally, not just in the address and salutation but in the body copy
  • Make a novel inclusion with the package—it can be done very cost-effectively and it will make your message stick
  • Look at what you know about the receiver and use it to show that you are thinking about just them. When did they last buy, what else would be useful, how much did they donate
  • Tailor the contents of your mailing to the customer’s gender, location, age or other attributes. If you are using digital print production use different images – for instance if you are selling spectacles and the letter is to a lady show pictures of ladies wearing glasses
  • As you do this remember it is not just about cost of production it is about the ROI (return on investment) you are making – cheapest is not usually the winner – which is why you have to test

Contact us on 01494 539300 or fill in our online contact form to discuss your next direct mail campaign and find out how personalising your mail can have a big impact.

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