First Move Direct Marketing

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

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First-time delivery is crucial. We take a look at the four ways it can be achieved: delivery to customer, Delivery to Neighbour, Safe Place and Local Collect.

Delivery to customer
If a customer is in, they want to receive their parcel on their doorstep. Once you’ve rung the bell and/or knocked on the door, give the customer time to come to the door. If they don’t respond the first time, try again.

Delivery to Neighbour
Less than 1% of the public has opted out of Delivery to Neighbour. And 94% of the public say they like it. Applying local knowledge, check the neighbour to the left, the neighbour to the right and the property straight ahead. Where no opt out exists and it’s safe and secure to do so, Delivery to Neighbour needs to be attempted every time your customer is not in to take delivery of their parcel.*

Safe Place
RM Tracked 24/48 items may be labelled with a Safe Place instruction. If the customer is not in, this instruction should be followed and the parcel left in the designated place, if it is safe and secure to do so.

If an RM Tracked 24/48 parcel does not display a Safe Place instruction, Delivery to Neighbour should always be used if the customer is not in.

Local Collect
Last year, working with the Post Office, we launched the UK’s largest click and collect network to support online shopping growth.

Local Collect enables large online retailers to provide their shoppers with a greater choice of convenient parcel delivery options. Ninety-nine per cent of the population lives within three miles of a Post Office branch. Delivering a Local Collect parcel to a Post Office counts as first-time delivery.

It is extremely important that we receive the recognition we deserve for the work we do. Where we deliver a Local Collect item to the Post Office these must be scanned as Delivered – Local Collect. Please ensure you undertake a PDA scan to show an item has been doorstep delivered. This is vital to the success of first-time delivery.

* Special Delivery Guaranteed and inbound International signature products are the only ones exempt from Delivery to Neighbour


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