First Move Direct Marketing

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

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Pet Protect

Insurance renewals with data across multiple brands…

First Move undertakes the weekly production of insurance renewals for a leading Pet Insurance Company. Information is received via a secure ftp site as raw extracted data.

The data is processed through Planet Press document management programmes that splits the data into the corporate brands. The information on each animal is then checked against the policy information held for the types of policy specified and multiple ‘conditional statements’ are added depending upon the result. All generic information for each type of policy is held within the system and is allocated as required. Payment information is also added together with the brand identity required.

The final information is then formatted in up-to 10 sides of personalised information. Print production is in digital colour throughout. The renewals are trimmed and folded into sets and enclosed with supporting booklets and mailed out under a SLA that sets despatch as the day following receipt of data.

All data, information and conditional statements are kept to allow regeneration of any document up to 7 years as required by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA).

Other scheduled projects include production of daily invoices mailed within 4 hours of receipt, multiple pages of tenant information regarding rents and service charges for Housing Associations. Also, personal pension information for fund administrators and personalised donor cards for Anthony Nolan.

Throughout data processing and production First Move adheres to strict data policies as approved by the Direct Marketing Associations DataSeal accreditation.

Please call us to discuss the solution to your next project. Our team are highly skilled in delivering accurate cost effective solutions.


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