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35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

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Testing Improves Results

The Basics of A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven method of direct mail campaign improvement and it is simpler than you might think but requires discipline, attention to detail and the willingness to fail in order that you can succeed. Start is by thinking of all of the possible options for customisation you might have in your campaign. List these components and think about how you could do things differently and you have the beginning of your A/B test.

Once you have defined what you plan on modifying, divide your list into separate audiences who will receive the variation. Release your campaign into the wild and learn how your two audiences react by measuring the results. Soon enough you will know what your total audience responds to best, and can make the necessary adjustments to plan future campaigns with this pertinent information. Consider it as intelligence on your customers’ behaviour that will help you perform even better.

Ways to Improve Your Campaign

Change the creative. Some people like red, others prefer blue, and some like purple. Find the correct image, colour or style of artwork that has the most appeal to your audience simply by mixing it up. Who knows? They might even prefer green.

Trial different subjects. We all react differently to how we’re addressed, so experiment with messaging on the outer of your direct mail, vary your headlines and you could see an immediate result.

Try different calls to action. It might seem simple, but prompting your audience to act can vary. Try different offers and use alternate coupon codes and measure the success of the campaign in real-time.

A recent example of the success of A/B testing is with one of our clients. They employed two packs—one a plain envelope and another that said, “Important ********* information enclosed.” The result? Those that had the printed message responded at double the rate than those that didn’t – the contents of the pack were identical.

A/B testing is the process that allows you to fine-tune which is the most effective way of communicating. We have documented in Direct Mail 101 all the steps and facets you can consider to improve results.

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