First Move Direct Marketing

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

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Gtech AirRam

300% return on investment using the power of the iGen 4, in less than 6 weeks.

From creative design to the use of personalisation power of the Xerox iGen 4, First Move’s solution enabled GTech to outstrip their financial target to the point they decided to roll out again after just 1 week.

To follow up a successful television campaign, we were briefed to concept design, produce and mail out to a test audience of 20,000.

The audience was segmented into 3 categories collated from data upto10 years old. Each category was sent personalised and specific offers relating to 3 price point variations.

The test was completed to identify the best price point depending on an acceptable response rate from the highest price to the lower. The results were correlated with profit margin and cost of mailing to gain the highest return on investment.

The target response was achieved within the first week of mailing… The results were so good, we were commissioned to send out to 20,000 more potential customers to the 2 best categories.

The second mailing results found the same dramatic results as we move into phase 3 of compressing the data results and building on the information we have already collected for further mailings in the future.

We continue to work with Gtech, refining and extending their customer base allowing for highly targeted propositions and increasing response rates.

So, if your thinking of testing product colours, product types, price points, age ranges, demographics, socioeconomic groupings, geo-locations, tech savvy versus techno phobic, early adopters to the tipping point of the mass market, the First Move iGen 4 is the ultimate in personalisation and variable data refinement.

Coupled with our extensive experience and expertise, you really can’t fail to discover more about your market place than you ever knew before. Who knows, you may even find a completely new market place, you never knew you had.

Currently we have entered Gtech in the DMA awards and have been shortlisted.

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