E-Commerce Pick, Pack and Despatch

How do you cope with the picking and packing all of your orders? This is a challenge all businesses face, no matter their scale. Peak volumes at Christmas and Black Friday, staffing, picking and packing are major considerations. But getting your products to your buyers need not be difficult. First Move has a full range of pick and pack fulfilment services to keep your business running smoothly.

Give yourself the time to build your business, test new ideas, develop your marketing strategy, or simply go on holiday.

If your business is a work in progress, let First Move give you an immediate ability to start work by talking to a team that has helped others build strong and successful businesses.

Outsourcing pick and pack can save you money as well as time. Your stock will be stored, your calls answered, orders taken and despatched—all within 24 hours. From clothing to computer software, consumer items, and on-pack offers we process orders/information requests and payments.

Managing a large amount of stock and responding to orders in a dynamic marketplace is not easy. But you can rest assured that we will take care of every aspect of stock warehousing and management, leaving you to think about the big picture.

With 37,000 sq ft of alarm-protected production and warehousing, and over 1,000 pallet spaces in the Thames Valley, you have the power to deliver on your promises to customers. And you can be sure that your stock is safe and secure.

Call us NOW on 01494 539300 and let’s start looking at the opportunities available today to solve your picking and packing problems or fill in our online contact form.