First Move Direct Marketing

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success


February 2023

First Move direct marketing are proud to become the 1st UK member of the BVDM European Climate Initiative.

First Move joins with printers in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland in computing the CO2 generated through the production of paper and the printing process so that the CO2 can be offset through ‘Climate Protection Projects’

To compensate for greenhouse gas emissions certificates are generated only for Gold Standard projects co-founded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that reduce greenhouse gases, whilst simultaneously benefiting the local environment and sustainable social development.

First Move has documented the travel to work of all its employees, all the energy used – electricity and oil, the energy consumed by each of its digital presses along with all the finishing equipment used to produce its digital print.  The software is supplied with the CO2 produced in the production of the various papers and finally the CO2 produced in the delivery process be it palletised or direct mailed.

First Move’s clients can choose from current projects being supported such as Energy efficient cook stoves in Nigeria. Wind Energy in Pakistan, Restoration of boreholes in Eritrea and the Reduction of smoke emissions in Kenya.

Rachel Smith – First Move Managing Director saidwe look forward to playing our part along with our clients in offsetting the CO2 emissions our industry generates in a targeted and calculated process designed to eliminate guesswork and deliver immediate benefits in reducing CO2’.


Green Initiatives

First Move direct marketing has ISO14001 Certification.

We’ve switched off the lights in production – by replacing our clear panels in the roof we no longer have to switch on the lights – simple.

FSC certified paper is routinely always used in all our printing processes.

14% drop in electricity consumption through voltage control.

In 2022 we recycled 78.1 tons of paper, board and polythene.

We also recycled –

100% wooden paper pallets

WEE re-cycled all electrical and computer equipment including that of our clients

Continued staff training

Re-used 27% of products

Recovered 18% energy

First Move direct marketing is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, wherever this is practicable.

Our target is to achieve 93%. We re-cycle all paper, board, plastic, wooden pallets, electrical equipment, bottles and cans produced by our production processes and our staff.

We recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and healthy environment must be closely linked and the ecological protection and sustainable development are collective responsibilities in which businesses and individuals have a significant role to play.

Our environmental responsibility programme is based upon continuous improvement, consistent with current knowledge.

Environmental management continues to be a corporate priority, fully integrated into our business. We believe sound environmental practice is a key factor, demonstrating effective corporate management. We seek to train and educate our staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

The company’s objective is to search for ways to improve material and energy efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact of its products and systems. First Move will participate in economically and ecologically justified systems for the re-use, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of its products.

We aim to monitor and control the environmental impact of our production processes. The impact should be kept as low as technically possible and economically feasible.

We will encourage our suppliers to pursue the best practice. Our procurement policy will take account of this. We will seek to ensure that unsuitable products and services, which do not coincide with sound ecological policy, are not pursued. Employee awareness and responsibility are indispensable in achieving this.