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35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

Direct Mail Services
from concept to delivery

Detailed print and personalisation. Secure ISO Accredited Data management. Leading Xerox technology.

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Direct Mail Services
concept to delivery

High-Tech super personalisation. Digital integrated programmatic mailing. Inbound fulfilment and despatch. API integration. Secure Data management.

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Did you know a leading Direct Mail company is based in High Wycombe, just on your door step?

Have you got a message that you need distributed?

Are you looking for a method that’s guaranteed to make you heard?

Direct mail is a 21st-Century solution to an age-old problem, and it has a proven track record to getting you great results all the time.

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Why choose First Move Direct Marketing as your Direct Mail provider?

Why use Direct Mail?

  1. Direct mail is the perfect way to get your story across and tell it in a way that engages with your audience physically, it has a more powerful effect on long-term memory than other media, 32% higher than e-mail and 72% higher than TV.
  2. Direct Mail with digital marketing integration can be even more targeted and personalised to specific individuals.
  3. 70 to 80 percent of consumers open almost all of their mail.
  4. When you add direct mail to an email campaign you increase the potential response rate by 26%.
  5. Printed postcards are one of the simplest and most effective ways to get your message across and keep the costs low for high-yield campaigns.
  6. Direct Mail attracts new customers, enhances customer loyalty and delivers profitable results.

Our Direct Mail Services

First Move Direct Marketing provides Direct Mail Services in High Wycombe, and as an award winning Direct Mail company, we have all the right ingredients to deliver effective direct mail marketing campaigns. We are not just a mailing house, we can also help with the creative, planning and post production phases to help ensure you generate more successful and predictable results.

Whether you’re looking for Direct Mail FulfillmentDirect Mail PostcardsBusiness and Invoice Mailing or Creative Direct Mail, we can help drive conversions and as a result, transform your business.

Our UK Mailing House can take care of every detail of your direct mail — from the concept to the letterbox — meaning you can concentrate on converting the leads it generates.

We are the 1st Direct Mail company in the world to install the new Xerox Trivor

Xerox Trivor Printer

The new Xerox Trivor Printer recently installed in our building in High Wycombe is a world’s first, and we’d love to invite you to come and see the printer in action and find out how it can change the way you speak to your customers. The digital press does more than you can imagine and will change the way you think about print and direct mail.

Here are a few facts about us: 

We are the only Direct Mail company to win a DMA Award.

We are premier partners with Xerox and partners with Royal Mail and the DMA.

We are the first company in the world to install the Xerox Trivor 2400 Printer.

We are authors of the book ‘Direct Mail 101 – Why Direct Mail in the 21st Century’, providing all the secrets of successful direct marketing.

We are the only Direct Mail company in the UK with the experience, expertise and printing technology to deliver more personalised and customised direct mail at lightning speeds for higher ROI.

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The definitive guide to Direct Mail…

From choosing the right print to determine what strategy to run – Direct Mail 101 has ALL the answers you have questions to!

This book will take you on a journey of discovery with 101 simple proven steps to explode your profits.

You’ll find top tips and a wealth of experience – Over 35 years of it – to fall back on throughout this extensive work, and examples of some of the world’s most successful direct mail campaigns to get you started.