Direct Mail Campaigns

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Whether you’re looking for complete direct mail campaigns to a simple mailing, we’re ready to advise, guide and help you get more from your mailings.

Research has shown that direct mail has four times’ greater engagement than other traditional forms, including electronic mailers which we think is a result worth noting.

Beginning with in-depth targeting, you can understand behaviour, demographics, personal preferences, seasonal cycles and market trends. Insights that build a greater knowledge base along with the extensive industry databases available.

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Data matching gets you the most recent contact information pulled from other sources, including electoral rolls and telephone provider records. You’re guaranteed to put it into each of your recipients’ hands, all of them potential customers. Oh, and did we mention… no spam filters!

Direct Mail Campaigns

Plan your campaign with your new insights, evolving how you could give
more meaning to your customers each time.

Targeting – substitute the product offer by location, demographic, or even by individual. In these days of ‘just in time’ marketing, you can respond to your digital insights and buying trends to create an engaging direct mail piece for prospects in days.

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Turn your everyday digital learning into personalised and persuasive printed media that sells at scale. Direct mail has a personalised approach that isn’t found in any other form of marketing. Direct mail gets a response.

Direct mail is a physical connection with your audience and it makes people react. It creates an emotion, and when crafted perfectly, can inspire them into action. And with direct mail working for your business, your bottom line is better than ever.

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