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35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success

35 Years of Delivering Direct Marketing Success


Profiling data, cleaning data, de-duplication,
data scanning, database analytics, data AI
and sourcing data for direct mail campaigns…

Behind every successful direct marketing campaign are transactional databases for direct mail. 

Your database represents a wealth of potential: new sales, higher response rates, and new ways to interpret data to achieve your desired return on investment.

Behind every successful direct marketing campaign are transactional databases for direct mail. Your database represents a wealth of potential: new sales, higher response rates, and new ways to interpret data to achieve your desired return on investment. Data profiling from direct mail is an area we specialise in, and if you ask our satisfied clients, we excel.

Data Profiling
Your database is your greatest asset. It records prior sales history, establishes customer purchase behaviour and trends, and allows you to profile your targets’ interests and habits.

All you need is a basic insight into each of your customers and from there you can build a greater understanding by pulling data from other sources. Consider the way customers interact with the web and social media; this information is now available readily for you to use as a marketeer.

Find out what excited your customers and prospects online and you can propose offline offers through direct mail.

Data Cleaning
Got a lot of information and don’t know what to do with it? Or dealing with a database in need of a spring clean?

First Move provides for direct mail, updating your database with commercially available databases and public records. Free of duplicates, deceased persons, or data-entry errors, you can be certain that your direct mail campaign is accurate and there is no wastage.

No more phantom mailers collecting dust on doorsteps, fewer return-to-sender mail your team must sort, and only the precise amount spent on postage. Keep your data in tip-top shape by leaving it to the professionals and you’ll never have to trawl through a database again.

Data Capture
In the good habit of collecting data from your customers? Looking for data capture services for direct mail campaigns? We can help.

There’s no need for costly manual data entry; our data capture services scan your materials and translate them into real, organised data that you can use.  

How you interpret your data is up to you and now that we have more available than ever, its maintenance is imperative for leading businesses.

Your Data is in Safe Hands
Data and its management is important. We adhere to strict data policies as approved by our UKAS ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation.

Why Choose First Move?
By intelligently managing your data, First Move will help you generate improved responses, higher donations, greater repeat purchases as well as lower postage costs. Capture, segment, target then distribute; it’s one more example of direct mail data management making your job easier so you can concentrate on closing your leads.

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Transactional databases
Every time you transact with customers you receive valuable information. Let us help you utilise that information to the fullest, using sophisticated transactional databases. You’ll be amazed by the long-term impact on your business.

When producing invoices and statements we can use the data to select marketing messages, undertake calculations, anticipate trends and translate that information into charts and graphs of performance as we produce the database.

And all of this of course whilst continuing to enjoy postage savings through presenting pre-sorted mail to your postal operator. Moreover, we will keep your data secure through adherence to ISO16001 a certified process that is externally audited; please ask us for a copy of our Information Security Processes.

Database-driven direct marketing can be the most efficient and economic way to find new customers, develop additional business with existing customers and build loyalty across the board. Customer relationship marketing has, at its core, customised databases.

Ask us how we can help you find a data management solution for your business.
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Don’t just take our word for it…

First Move’s staff are friendly, responsive and customer focused. Utilised for our rent letters and statements since February 2008, the standard of service from initial communication through to execution is without exception and of the highest quality.

Just got this message from Matt and I thought you deserve to see it as every one at First Move who made it possible and thanks from me too!
"I want to say thank you for the Kol Nidre job, we have had glowing reports back to date and it would not have been possible without your help and dedication.”

Kol Nidre
Coco Bay has really enjoyed using First Move to manage our fulfilment business. By manning our phone lines, fulfilment and customer services, the First Move team are the face of our business and we therefore require the service to be First Class.
They have definitely lived up to our very high expectations and between us we have created a seamless partnership.

Coco Bay
I would recommend First Move for any mailing or direct marketing. Excellent communication and attention to detail. There are never any worries about deadlines being met with First Move.

The Radlett Centre
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you! Thank you so much for managing our print jobs effectively, it has taken a weight off my mind knowing that you are doing the work as I know you are super diligent and work hard to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Forresters Research
It’s been a pleasure working with First Move. Your response to our last minute requests has been fantastic…

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Breaking News

First Move installs eco-friendly plastic free paper wrap solution 

Paper wrap is an environmentally friendly 100% recyclable mailing alternative to poly wrapping for your next magazine or brochure mailing.

Because the outer wrap is digitally printed with the name and address of the recipient it removes the need for a carrier sheet whilst offering endless design & customisation options to help engage the recipient.

Compatible with the cost effective Royal Mail Mailmark specification paper wrap also helps reduce postage costs & is cost effective for lower volume mailings when compared to poly wrapping.

Reduce your costs, engage your recipients and raise your brand awareness with a exquisitely printed colour outer wrap.

Like to know more? Please get in touch and make the First Move.

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