Charities and Donations

We deliver you the benefit of  our extensive experience throughout the creative, planning and production phases to help ensure you generate successful and predictable results.
We have helped our clients grow from contacting tens of hundreds to tens of thousands and more based upon the responses they have generated.

Direct Mail is a major source of fundraising for charities from your regular donors.

Direct mail makes your story compelling with its tactile nature, giving the recipients a real-life visual reminder of your cause. Scientific research has proved that the brain reacts more positively to the printed word and emotional connection is much higher and you must appeal to human sensitivity in order to receive donations . Use past donation history to tease increased response and giving, offer tear-offs that they can pass onto a friend, or use it to direct to your website for further engagement increasing both offline and on-line interaction.

Variable data direct mailing can increase donations when you vary your donation request based upon the donors previous record of giving. Contact your supporters and increase your donor base by using all the information you have to make your message personally relevant.

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