Business Mail


In simple terms Business Mail is the class of mailing which is not selling or generating a response or a donation. As its effectiveness is not being judged on a Return on Investment but is rather something that has to be done the savings offered by Royal Mail and Downstream Access suppliers are much less significant than using Advertising Mail. So the first suggestion is if you can sell something as part of your communication process you should as this may entitle you to higher discounts on your postage.

  • Wherever possible your direct mail should be a ‘profit centre’ not a ‘cost centre’
  • Achieving the best value for money for your mailing can be a minefield, but First Move has you covered. Royal Mail’s tariff options for business customers does help if you get the basics right – using the right type fonts, the correct address format, the positioning of the address etc. First Move will help you do just that, every time.

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