Find New Audiences And Save Money – Partially Addressed Mail

  • Find ‘customer rich’ areas using existing customer postcode data
  • Find new postcodes which are similar to those where your current customers live using geo-demographic profiling
  • Target a specific area, distance or drive time from your business

And it is the cheapest way to mail by 20%

Partially Addressed is advertising mail which qualifies for reduced postage prices.  Postcodes are used instead of personal data providing a completely GDPR compliant way of finding new potential customers.  Mail is addressed to the ‘home owner’ but brands have increasingly looked to increase engagement rates by addressing to titles such as ‘Pizza Lover’ or ‘Luxury Holiday Lover’. You can title your mailing to whatever you choose and fits with your brand.

Prospective customers are targeted at postcode level and we can generate addresses in a couple of different ways to maximise your success – by area (target roads in areas you know your service is already being used), geo-demographics or based upon your existing customer clusters.

When you consider that research shows  partially addressed mail stays live in the home on average for 7 days and that 26% of it drives commercial action it makes an attractive acquisitive marketing method.

Partially addressed mail must contain a minimum of 10,000 items, all advertising pieces and they must be letter or large letter sizes.

To explore the opportunities call me today on 01494 539300 or email me at and find out how a partially addressed mail campaign can help your business grow.

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