Marketing Technology Expo 2018

Seminar: Why Direct Mail in the 21st Century – PROGRAMMATIC, PERSONAL, RELEVANT

David Amor, Direct Mail Futurist and Chairman of First Move Direct Marketing was selected by Digital Doughnut – the main sponsors of the show, to speak on their seminar stage (Theatre 22) on 21st March at 2:15pm. David  educated digital marketeers about how they can integrate digital media with physical media to improve response rates and increase revenue streams.

You can download the slides from the presentation here – Why Direct Mail in the 21st Century.


Why do it? Simple answer – to make money and grow your business! How to do it better? Transform from mass communication to personal connection using data and artificial intelligence. Every document relevant to the recipient in both words and images, designed to improve your R.O.I. Innovate using a Jeff Bezos Amazon philosophy to produce predictable results and enhanced brand recognition. In a GDPR world the need for Direct Mail has never been greater.

About David AmorHead shot

David is Direct Mail Futurist and Chairman of First Move Direct Marketing. He has over 27 years corporate experience in the Direct Marketing and Printing industry working with many large organisations transforming the way companies connect with their customers through Direct Mail. David has now built First Move to be a premier supplier of direct mail services and is proud to have won Silver at the DMA Awards in the Business to Consumer category. David is also co-author of the book ‘Direct Mail 101’ which explains step by step how to build a successful, profitable direct mail process.

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